Monday, August 29, 2016

Version History - KPlayerAir

Ver 2.0.1 (09/20/2017)

 It improved the feature related to moving playback position forward/backward in KServer mode.

Ver 2.0.0 (09/02/2017)

• It supports KServer 1.0.0 (macOS 10.11 or later, free).

  - On September 19, it changed to KServer (Paid) and KPlayerAir (Free).
• Two finger gestures was changed in such a way that content tracks finger movements.
• Playback speed values were changed.
• Some features were enhanced and some bugs were fixed.

Ver 1.0.3 (11/09/2016)

• It fixed bugs related to subtitles.

• It fixed an issue that if it deleted multiple subtitle files of one video, it is forcibly terminated.

Ver 1.0.2 (10/11/2016)

It fixed small bugs.

Ver 1.0.1 (10/04/2016)

It fixed bugs related to subtitles and some other features.

Ver 1.0.0 (08/29/2016)

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