Tuesday, October 6, 2015


KPlayer is the video playback app. If 'H.264 Hardware Acceleration' is supported, it can play 720p, 1080p video files better smoothly.¹ Also it can enjoy a movie in the concise interface with the high-quality subtitles that are displayed quickly.

What's New in Version 1.5.6 (10/06/2015)

Improved compatibility for ruby tag.

Ver 1.5.6

Requires macOS 10.9 or later.

'H.264 Hardware Acceleration'¹
• It requires GPU; NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, GeForce 320M, GeForce GT 330M, ATI HD Radeon GFX, Intel HD Graphics and others. 
  It seems that macOS 10.9 or later requires more power of GPU. So, in case of old model’s GPU (for example, ’NVIDIA GeForce 9400M’) this feature works well only at 'Native' mode.
• At 'Native' mode, it requires M4V, MP4 or MOV types encoded in H.264 and AAC/ALAC 
• At 'FFmpeg' mode, it requires the video encoded in H.264. 

'Aspect Ratio Settings'
• SAR / 4:3 / 16:9 / 1.85:1 / 2.35:1 / 2.40:1

• The skipping time is set automatically depending on the running time of the video file.
• It is useful to skip the intro, opening, ending of the video.

'Subtitles' (Sandbox²) 
 It supports SMI, SRT type.
 Ruby tag is also available.
 Subtitles are displayed in real time even if it searches the playback position through the time slider.
 If it opens the video (file_name), it searches the subtitles (named like these) at the first step found.
  → (file_name or file_name*) at the same folder 
  → (file_name or file_name*) at ‘F where’/KPlayer 
  → Only if it opens the BDMV's folder, (folder_name or folder_name*) at ‘F where’/KPlayer

'Playlist' (Sandbox²)
 If it opens ‘video files', it is automatically made up of video files that have similar names in the same folder.
 If it opens 'folders', it is automatically made up of all playable video files in the folder. (Not depth) 
 It can change the order of video files to drag it.
 It automatically saves and reuses folder-playlists, the most recent file-playlist, final playback status for each file in the playlist.

'Playback Speed Settings'
• It is decreased (increased) by 0.5 whenever it clicks the right mouse button at left (right) areas of the video playing window.
 It is currently supported only at 'Native' mode.

'Continued Playing'
 It replays the most recently opened video file if it clicks the play button/menu after running KPlayer.

'Move to Trash'
 It moves video files that were playing to the end and its subtitle files to Trash. 

Playable Types³
• 'Native' mode: M4V, MP4, MOV.
• 'FFmpeg' mode: M4V, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, RMVB, M2TS, TP, TS, TRP.

1. H.264 Hardware Acceleration
  - If the video track was encoded in settings that the macOS doesn't support, it may not be supported.
  - If it is not supported, playback and navigating may not be smooth according to the cpu. (especially when it plays 1080p)

2. Sandbox
  - If it opens not 'folders' but 'video files' and these 'files' are not in the following folder or its subfolders; 'F where' place in 'Preferences', 
  - it should open the same-named subtitle files manually
  - and it doesn't support the feature that playlist is automatically made up of the similar-named video files.

3. Playable Types
  - 'm2ts' files that are contained in 'BDMV' will be automatically added to the playlist when it opens the BDMV's folder. (For example, if DSK/BDMV, please open the 'DSK' folder.)
  - It doesn't support the playback of a protected video file.
  - The video file encoded in 'YUV420P' pixel format can be played normally at any mode. 
  - ‘YUV420P 10-bit’, 'YUV444P 10-bit' pixel formats can be played only at 'FFmpeg' mode.  

※ KPlayer uses some dynamic libraries of 'FFmpeg' licensed under the LGPLv2.1.


  1. Hardware acceleration doesn't work for me (iMac 21", Nvidia 9400). Slow playback, freezing video, dropped frames. I have been disappointed. :(

  2. Thank you for purchasing KPlayer.

    Please check next points.

    • KPlayer - Preferences - H.264 Hardware Acceleration:
    Is it turned ON?

    • Video/Audio codec:
    Is it H.264/AAC?

    • Video file's extension:
    Is it MOV or MP4 or M4V?

    • "Applications" - "Utilities" - "System Profiler" - "Hardware" - "Graphics/Displays":
    Is it 9400M?

    if All passed, please read also "'H.264 Hardware Acceleration': Is it supported in my Mac?" at FAQ.

    if you have more questions, please comment

    1. I don't know what the proper way to get in touch with you is so here is my question why does it even mention blu-ray if it doesnt play them if it does play some you should accentuate the fact it doesnt play all id appreciate my money back.
      Paul Moore apple id paul@paulmooreart.com

    2. Hello,
      I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Please refer to the previously published comment.

      "As a another possibility, It seems that this blu-ray disk files were encrypted ('copy protection'). In this case, because KPlayer doesn't support decryption, you should first backup (rip) these files from blu-ray disk to hard-disk by removing encryption. And then you can play these files that were not encrypted on hard-disk."

      And I have no any control rights for a refund. You can contact to Apple about it. (maybe https://getsupport.apple.com/ServiceOptionAction.action)

      Thank you.

  3. Kplayer its not showing the subtitles using perian. I have "Subtitle Options" disabled but nothing changes.

    By the way, when I open a mp4 with a external SRT, it works but i'm spanish and at words like "camión" or "había" shows chinese characters on the spelling.
    I regret having paid.

  4. I'm sorry about your inconvenience.

    KPlayer not support for Perian's external subtitles. KPlayer only support for directly subtitles from SMI or SRT file.

    At subtitles, the reason that words like "camión" or "había" are showed in chinese characters is because this subtitle's text encoding is not supported by KPlayer.

    In Current Version 1.1.0, the supported Text Encodings of subtitle file are Unicode(UTF-8), Unicode(UTF-16), Korean(Mac OS), Korean(Windows, DOS).

    Do you may inform me what is the srt file's text encoding?
    (It is guessed to "Western (Windows Latin 1)".)

    If you inform to me what "Text Encoding" selected when subtitles are normally opened by "TextEdit - File - Open menu", I will very thanks to you.

    Also, After the SRT file is normally opened on TextEdit, you can save it using "Save As - Text Encoding : UTF-8 - file's extension : .srt" and saved srt file is opened normally on KPlayer.

    In next version, i will try to enhance this features.

  5. I really feel cheated. I want my money back or an update fixing it right now because of this pic taken ant App Store.


  6. SMI / SRT spec is different to Text Encoding.

    Text File has it's own text encoding and text encoding is different to each other for the country.

    KPlayer automatically recognize the text encoding of subtitles. But automatically recognizable things are the text encodings that mentioned above.

    At next version 1.2.0, I promise that the user settings for text encoding is certainly added.

    Sorry over again.

  7. Im not talking about text encoding, im talking about Perian. In the pic I sent, you can see it says SRT works whit Perian. ¬¬

  8. I don't understand what you say.

    I write below line at description about subtitles.

    "if you have installed 'Perian', 'Subtitle Options' must be checked off"

    It means that you must disable Perian's subtitle options to use perfectly Kplayer. KPlayer don't support Perian's subtitle.

    Perian is QuickTime Componet. KPlayer use Perian for decode video/audio codec when you open the avi or mkv video fies, not for subtitles.

  9. misleading advertising. nowhere does it say that the subtitles do not work, and implies the opposite. I want my money back.

  10. That expression is little ambiguous.

    The line that Perian's subtitle features are not supported is added.

    You must talk to Apple iTunes Store about Refunding. I do not have any control authority about your payment.

  11. Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9400. Does KPlayer supports only mobile chipset for hardware acceleration?

  12. Yes, it does.
    KPlayer use QuickTime X for H.264 hardware accelerated decoding.
    Currently 9400M, 320M, 330M GPU(M : mobile) only support it.
    (http://www.apple.com/macosx/specs.html ➔ 'QuickTime H.264 hardware acceleration')

  13. /rulix

    I do not have any iMac.
    But according to web search, 21.5inch Late 2009 iMac Model's GPU is 9400M.
    I guess that the 9400 GPU has never been used in iMac Model.

    Check your model at below URL.



    Depending on the encoding settings when the video file was encoded using H.264(x.264) codec, H.264 hardware acceleration may not be supported when you play that video file.

  14. 안녕하세요.
    지속적인 업데이트 감사합니다.
    그런데 1.2.3 업데이트 이후로 파인더에서 우클릭하여 kplayer로 재생을 하면
    동영상이 로드되지 않습니다.
    특정 동영상의 경우가 아니고 대부분이 그러네요.
    그리고 비동기식 열기는 무엇인지요.
    그걸 체크한 상태에서도 재생이 원활하지 않네요.
    체크해제하고, 플레이어에서 파일을 지정하면 잘 됩니다만.
    이유가 궁금합니다.

  15. 안녕하세요.

    파인더에서 우클릭하여 해당 파일에 대한 정보를 실제로 로딩하는 쪽으로 넘기는 부분에 대해서는 변경된 바가 없습니다.

    다만 실제 로딩하는 부분이 변경되었는데요. 이 부분에서 사용자님의 맥 CPU 성능에 따라서 로딩 시간이 기존보다 약간 더 걸릴 수도 있습니다.

    (Perian이 설치된 상태에서 mkv 파일에 대해서 파인더 우클릭 열기했을 경우 퀵룩의 섬네일 만드는 과정이 CPU 점유율을 높이기 때문에 이런 경우에는 훨씬 더 걸리거나 CPU 사용 우선순위에서 밀려서 열기를 실패할 수도 있습니다.)

    A동영상 파일을 KPlayer 열기 메뉴로 열었을때 정상적으로 열리는 하드웨어 가속 및 비동기식 열기 옵션 상태에서, A동영상 파일의 파인더 우클릭 열기 또한 정상적으로 될 것입니다. 같은 로딩 과정을 사용하니까요.

    비동기식 열기는 동영상 파일을 로딩하는데 있어서 해당 과정을 좀 더 빨리 처리하고 재생 시작이 가능하게 하는 옵션입니다.

    특히 mkv 파일의 경우 체크했을때 로딩 시간 단축이 있습니다. 반면 비동기식을 체크하지 않을 경우에만 열리는 동영상 파일도 간혹 있습니다.

    그러한 경우의 수가 있어 동영상 파일과의 호환성을 좀 더 높이기 위해서 추가한 옵션입니다.

    또한 몇몇 파일의 경우 비동기식 옵션을 체크하지 않을 경우
    로딩(퀵타임의 모든 프레임 체크 과정)이 모두 완료된 후에야 상세정보 확인과 재생이 가능할 수도 있습니다.

    이때에는 화면에 동영상 로딩 중이라는 메시지가 뜰 것입니다. 또한 "활성상태보기"로 보시면 KPlayer의 CPU 사용이 계속 어느 정도 유지되고 있을 것입니다. 로딩이 모두 완료된 후(미드 한편 분량의 mkv일 경우 1~2분정도 소요)에는 정상적으로 재생이 될 것입니다.

  16. 안녕하세요.
    앱스토어에서 Kplayer를 다운받았습니다.
    아이튠즈에서 구입한 방송을 smi 자막 파일과 함께 보기 위해 프로그램을 구입한 건데 재생이 안되네요.
    하드웨어 가속도 해제하고 페리안에서 옵션도 해제했는데 동영상 자체가 재생되지 않습니다.
    왜 그런지 이유를 알 수 없으니 답답하네요.

  17. 안녕하세요.
    답변이 좀 늦었네요.

    아이튠즈에서 방송을 구입해본적이 없어서 해당 파일 형식이 정확하게 어떻게 되어있는지 정확하게 알 수 없어 제대로 답변이 될지 모르겠습니다.

    보호된 파일의 경우 약간의 제한이 있을 수도 있습니다.
    해당 파일 형식이 m4v일 경우 구입할 당시의 파일명을 그대로 유지한 상태로 열어보시기 바랍니다. (또한 처음 저장되었던 파일 경로에 파일을 위치하시고 열어보시기 바랍니다.)

    또한 아이튠즈에서 해당 방송 우클릭 > 파인더에서 보기 > 파인더 창에서 해당 파일 아이콘 우클릭 > 다음으로 열기 > 퀵타임플레이어로 재생해보시기 바랍니다. 이렇게 해서 열었을 경우 정상적으로 재생된다면 KPlayer에서도 정상적으로 재생될 것입니다.

    smi자막 형식에 오류가 있어 열리지 않을 수도 있으니 같은 폴더내에 같은 파일이름의 smi자막을 다른 이름으로 변경 또는 다른 폴더로 이동하신 후에 해당 동영상 파일을 자막 없이 열어보시기 바랍니다.

    (간혹 smi 파일 확장자에 내용은 srt 형식으로 되어있는 경우도 있으니 자막 파일 내용을 확인해보시기 바랍니다.)

    환경설정에 비동기식 열기를 체크해제한 후에 동영상을 열었을때 화면에 동영상 읽어오는중 메시지가 뜨고 활성상태보기 에서 KPlayer의 CPU 사용이 일정 정도 유지되는 경우 1~2분 정도 기다리시면 읽어들이가 완료된 후 재생됩니다.

    위의 방식으로 해결되지 않는다면 좀 더 자세한 내용 파악을 위해서
    다음 내용의 결과를 덧글로 남겨주세요.

    1. KPlayer 실행 & 상세정보창을 띄워놓으신 후에 열기 메뉴를 이용해서 해당 파일을 열었을때 상세정보 항목들이 모두 표시되는지요? 표시된다면 상세정보 항목의 비디오 오디오 자막 항목 내용을 알려주시기 바랍니다.
    2. Anonymous님의 맥 GPU가 하드웨어 가속을 지원하는 GPU이신가요?
    3. 해당 동영상의 파일 확장자는 무엇인가요?

  18. /Anonymous

    또 한가지 DRM(FairPlay) 걸린 파일 재생시 QuickTime Component가 문제가 될 수도 있다고 하니

    1. Perian 환경설정 패널 클릭 > 'Remove Perian' 클릭
    2. 시스템 환경설정 패널 에서 Perian 아이콘 우클릭 > Perian 환경설정 패널 제거
    3. 재시동

    하신 후에 재생해보시기 바랍니다.

  19. kplayer no work in MAC OS 10.7.4
    can I get moneyback?

  20. The version of the latest Mac OS X is 10.6.7. Mac OS X Lion(10.7) has not been released yet. Is it mean 10.6.4? Mac App Store require 10.6.6 or later. KPlayer require 10.6.0 or later.

    You can contact to Apple App Store about refunding. I do not have any control right about your payment.

  21. 지속적인 업데이트 감사합니다.
    720p 이상의 고화질 영상을 재생시에, 구간을 이동할 수가 없더군요.
    버퍼링(?)처럼 퍼센티지 표시가 나면서요.
    그래서 플레이어를 닫았다가 다시 열 경우, 처음부터 한참을 기다려야 합니다.
    이는 개선 할 수 없는 사항인지요.
    그리고 퍼센티지가 올라가는 것도, 간혹 중간에 멈춰버리는 경우가 생깁니다.
    그러면 다시 파일을 열어서는 처음부터 한참을 기다려야 하는 수밖에 업서더라구요.
    개선이 시급한 거 같습니다.

  22. 720p MKV 파일을 재생하신 경우 같습니다.

    KPlayer는 비디오 및 오디오 코덱을 디코딩할때 퀵타임을 사용합니다.
    그런데 퀵타임이 MKV 컨테이너를 지원하지 않기 때문에
    이때 퀵타임 컴포넌트인 Perian을 필요로 하게 되는데요

    Perian + MKV + 퀵타임일때 문제점이
    퀵타임이 해당 동영 상의 프레임을 전부 확인하는 과정(로딩 과정)이
    수반된다는 점입니다.
    또한 프레임 확인이 된 부분까지만 탐색이 가능하고요.

    FFmpeg 등을 이용하면 이 부분을 해결할 수 있지만
    퀵타임의 색감, 화질, 음질,
    하드웨어 가속(지원될 경우, 물론 MKV 포맷일 경우 지원 안됩니다),
    안정적인 부분들을
    포기할 수 없어 채택하지 않고 있습니다.

    720p MKV 파일을 편하게 즐기시려면
    파일 메뉴의 '퀵타임 동영상으로 저장' 기능을 이용하시여
    로딩이 완료된 파일을 MOV로 저장하시고
    다음번 재생시 이 MOV 파일을 사용하시면 로딩 과정 없이 동일한 영상을
    즐기실 수 있습니다.

    위의 기능이 퀵타임 + Perian을 이용하기 때문에
    변환이 안되는 경우도 간혹 있는데, 특히 오디오 코덱 이 FLAC(XiFL)일때,
    이때는 유료이긴 하나 FFmpeg을 이용하는 MKV2M4V를 이용하시면 좀 더 편하게
    변환하실 수 있습니다.

    어떤 MKV 파일의 경우 환경설정의 '비동기식 열기'를 적용하지 않을 경우
    로딩 과정(프레임 확인 과정)이 마지막 프레임까지 완료 되어야
    재생이 가능할 수도 있습니다.

    반면 '비동기식 열기'를 적용할 경우에는
    약간의 초반 프레임 확인 과정이 완료된 후에 바로 재생이 시작 가능하기 때문에
    가능한한 '비동기식 열기'를 적용한 상태로 MKV 파일을 여시는 것을

    다만, 몇몇 MKV파일의 경우에는 '비동기식 열기' 적용시
    제대로 열리지 않는 경우가 있습니다.
    이때는 별 수 없이 해제하시고 재생해보시고요.


  23. 답변 감사드립니다.
    정확한 이유는 모르겠으나, 퀵타임의 색감과 화질, 컨트라스트 등이 영화감상에 더욱 좋은 거 같아서 개발자님의 선택을 지지합니다.

  24. Hi, Kim.

    I've just bought and tested KPlayer. Everything seems to work on my machine. Congratulations for this piece of software which finally uses H.264 hardware acceleration (it's the only one which works on my Mac mini [Geforce 320M]).
    But I wanted to ask:
    Are you still working on the enhancement or new features of KPlayer? At the moment I'm missing two things: some kind of a playlist manager (for changing the order of the movie files) and the possibility to hide the status messages (Play/Pause) in the upper left hand corner.

    Best wishes from Vienna, Austria,


  25. Hi, Alex.

    Enhanced features about 'playlist', 'message' will be added in the next version.


  26. Great news, thank you!


  27. I just purchased the Kplayer for MAC OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74), and it is not working at all. All I see is a black screen, even when I try to load a video to play. I am trying to watch an avi movie, and the specs show that it should play avi files. What should I do besides delete it and try to find another application?

  28. As I mentioned at descriptions, 'Perian' is required to play a AVI file.

    "Playable OPTIONAL Types.
    • AVI, MKV
    • Require the installation of 'Perian'(QuickTime® Component).
    • 'Perian'(v1.2.3) can be downloaded at 'http://www.perian.org'(free)."

    You can check whether or not it was installed at 'System Preferences Panel'.

    If you can't still play a video file, I need more informations.
    1. After opening the video file on KPlayer, check the file's information(video codec, audio codec, etc...) at 'Inspector' window or whether it is empty.
    2. After executing 'System Information' utility, check 'Processor Name', 'Processor Speed' at "Hardware" and 'Chipset Model' at "Graphics/Displays".
    3. In same directory with AVI files, if there are subtitle files in same name with AVI files, please try to play a video file after moving this subtitle files to another directory.
    4. Let me know about this informations and results.


  29. Dear BoHoon Kim,

    I just want to thank you for releasing v1.2.7 which includes a feature I asked for (show/hide message in the upper left corner of the playback window).

    Some playlist window with rudimental functions (to see what’s playing at the moment—or change the playback order on-the-fly) would still be nice.

    Best regards from Vienna,


    1. Hello.

      Because ffmpeg-related tasks were too much, enhanced-playlist was not included in this version.

      But enhanced-playlist was done already. :)
      It will be available soon.


    2. Thank you so much for your work!


  30. Thanks again, Kim! The new playlist feature is just great for me (all I need).

    As always there are new wishes on my mind :-) But maybe they lead too far:
    – a deinterlacing function that you can turn on and off (or that is on/off even automatically)
    – a preferences option for setting the display number (for a dual display system—for instance I always move the KPlayer window to the second display which is a beamer).

    All the best,


    1. Hi. Alex.

      Currently KPlayer support only a progressive video format(yuv420'p'), but don't yet support an interlacing video format. Later, if it will support an interlacing video format, this feature will may be processed automatically.

      I will consider more about the feature of remembering the last position of the window on the dual display system.


  31. I see (concerning the video format)!
    Remembering the last window position would already help me. And maybe KPlayer could even start in fullscreen mode (on the secondary display).

    Thank you,


    1. '.. start in fullscreen mode (on the secondary display).'

      Thanks for your idea.

  32. Hi Can you please Ad AirPlay for Apple tv?

    1. Hi.
      It is already on the idea list. If possible, I will try to implement this feature.


  33. Hi!

    Another feature suggestion for KPlayer would be a preferences option with which you can turn on/off autoplay after opening a file or a directory (playlist).

    Looking forward to the next version,

    1. Hi.

      Please explain a little more detail why you need this feature?

      My opinion is to avoid playing automatically always when opening a file/folder without a option.


  34. Whenever I open a file/folder, playback is started automatically. Sometimes I want to start playback later manually (for instance after placing the output window on the second display). Or am I missing something?

    Thank you!

    1. No.

      OK. It will not be played automatically like a quicktime player when it is opened in the next version. (And the feature about positioning a window on the dual monitor was improved)


    2. Thanks so much (and sorry for not using the Reply function here).

      Always a pleasure,

  35. And yes — to always avoid automatic playback would be a solution for me, too.

    Thanks, Alex.

  36. just bought your app, when I open it it shows a black screen, Mac OS X

    1. I need more informations.

      Please check the playlist and inspector window.

      And let me know the detailed information of the video file that you tried to playback.
      (file type, video codec, audio codec, decoding mode, subtitle type, etc)

      (If possible, please send your video file by email. You can get my email address at the top of blog.)

      Also Let me know the process that you tried to open it.
      (by dragging? by open menu? by mouse right button's menu?)


  37. the inspector window was hidden behind some other window because I didn't see it at first. I tried open -never did see the inspector window- and I chose a file I clicked on it and the main window instead of showing me the first frame of the movie it continued all black... I thougt it didn't work until I talked to you and I tried dragging, then I did see the famous inspector window and realized that the program did load the movie -although the main w. still was black- and tried play and it did playback
    It didn't recognized the .srt it says it's not valid (with the vlc the same captions work fine) -it's a mkv file-
    at some point it shut down alone... it informed an error, I have the info I wil try to paste it to you but it seems to long
    sorry my english is not that good
    I added a new review to the app

    1. If it is not started to playback automatically, see the movie controller bar at bottom of video playing window, and then please check that it is playing or not.

      If the video file is opened normally by KPlayer, you can see the video file's name and video track/audio track/subtitle informations at the inspector window.

      If a subtitle file is not opened, change the text encoding and try again.

      And I don't know your email address. So I can't email to you.
      Please send screenshots and srt file using my gmail address at the top of blog.


  38. I can't upload the error, if you want give me an email and I will send it to you

  39. Nice post. good to see Kplayer updated.

  40. Hello, why doesn't MKV videos automatically insert the .srt files? The mkv and the srt file has the same name like: movie.srt - movie.mkv.

    1. Hello.

      If this question is about KPlayer (not about MKV2M4V),

      I need more informations.
      (For example,
      * Screenshot with Inspector and Preferences window after opening the files.
      * File's locations.
      * SRT file.
      If you still have a trouble about this issue, please email these informations to me.)

      But, at a guess, it couldn't be opened for the following reasons.

      * 'movie.srt' and 'movie.mkv' files are not in the folder and its subfolder that were allowed by Sandbox. (see 'Sandbox' (3) at the bottom of the descriptions about this issue)
      - In this case, you should explicitly open 'movie.srt' file by dragging or 'Open' menu.

      * KPlayer's text encoding settings are not suited for 'movie.srt' text encoding.
      - In this case, you should change the text encoding settings at KPlayer's Preferences window.

      * 'movie.srt' file does not conform the SRT subtitles spec.
      - In this case, you should get another srt file. (and please email this file to me for more detailed tests)


  41. I cannot play blu-ray disk on an external USB blu-ray ROM, I have MacBook Air 13".
    The following exception occurs:
    Could't open this video file. -2000

    1. Hello.

      I need more informations. Please email the screenshot to me. (This screenshot should include 'Inspector' and 'Playlist' window after opening the folder that includes 'BDMV' package.)

      You can get my email address at the top of this blog page.

      Thank you.

    2. As a another possibility, It seems that this blu-ray disk files were encrypted ('copy protection'). In this case, because KPlayer doesn't support decryption, you should first backup (rip) these files from blu-ray disk to hard-disk by removing encryption. And then you can play these files that were not encrypted on hard-disk.

  42. Hello this app is good to see a film bluray? i need a player only for see a film bluray ( i buy usb esternal samsung bluray 3d)! thank you

    1. Hello.

      This app can't play a protected video file.
      If blu-ray disk files were encrypted ('copy protection’), this app is not appropriate.

      This app is good to play files that were backup from blu-ray disk to hard-disk by removing encryption.
      And please note that this app doesn't support internal subtitles.

      Thank you.

  43. Can anyone tell me how to open full screen on my secondary screen? whenever I press “Enter” to enter full screen, the player jumped back to the primary screen. Can the programer of this app work on this issue?

    1. Sorry for any inconvenience. I confirmed this issue. It will be updated as soon as possible.

      Thank you.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. hello...
    the development and firm for a long time come other kplayer updates



    1. Hello,

      I'm currently focusing on KPlayerAir (iOS) and new apps related to it.
      And these are being created using Swift instead of Objective-C. So, these parts are also part of the next KPlayer (macOS) related work. The KPlayer (macOS) update will be in progress after the ongoing projects are finished.

      Thank you.