Thursday, January 3, 2013

When Codec is 'vc1 (Advanced)'

Some video file has a video track encoded with 'vc1 (Advanced)' codec.

And MKV2M4V app converts only audio tracks. (A video track is just copied from the source to the target.)

And video codec 'vc1 (Advanced)' is only supported in MP4 and MOV container.
And audio codec 'ALAC' is only supported in M4V and MOV container.

So, in this case, it can be converted with these options.
  - Custom, AAC, None, MP4

  - Custom, AC3, None, MP4

  - Custom, Pass-through, None, MOV (depending on the source audio codec)
  - Custom, ALAC, None, MOV
  - Custom, AAC, None, MOV
  - Custom, AC3, None, MOV

A wider range of codes can be copied from the source file with '.mov' format.

But the converted file in this case may not be played on some video playback app because of unsupported video codecs. For example, it can't be played on the OS's default media feature.

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