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Version History - KPlayer

Ver 1.5.6 (10/06/2015)

Improved compatibility for ruby tag.

Ver 1.5.5 (08/04/2015)

Improves compatibility for a little non-standard SMI format.

Ver 1.5.4 (07/11/2015)

• Fixed the issue that it does not work normally when it switches to the full-screen mode in the secondary monitor.
• Improved other minor things.

Ver 1.5.3 (06/05/2015)

Improves compatibility with ruby tag in the subtitles.

Ver 1.5.2 (05/15/2015)

Fixes the issue that the Playlist window's positions are not restored correctly when video files are opened through the Finder.

Ver 1.5.1 (05/05/2015)

• Enhances the followings.
  - Showing windows on a dual-monitor
  - Pinch gestures

Ver 1.5.0 (04/09/2015)

• Requires OS X 10.9 or later.
• Improves the features related to ‘Subtitles’.
• Updates FFmpeg libraries.

Ver 1.4.4 (11/10/2014)

• Improves the compatibility related to H.264 Hardware Acceleration. (FFmpeg mode)
• Changes related to Subtitle.
  - It searches the subtitle files named like these at the step that the first file was found.
  First, at the same folder - VideoFileName or VideoFileName* + .smi or .srt 
  Second, at ‘F where’/KPlayer - VideoFileName or VideoFileName* + .smi or .srt 
  Finally, at ‘F where’/KPlayer - FolderName or FolderName* + .smi or .srt (only when opened the BDMV’s folder)
  - It can select two subtitles at ‘Inspector’.
  - It can adjust the line-spacing at ‘Preferences’.
• Optimizes the performance.
• Fixes minor bugs.

Ver 1.4.3 (05/09/2014)

• Supports the 'YUV444P 10-bit' pixel format. (FFmpeg mode)
• Adds '10-bit Pixel' option to Preferences. (FFmpeg mode)
• Improves the compatibility related to the 'H.264 Hardware Acceleration'. (FFmpeg mode)
• Fixes minor bugs.

Ver 1.4.2 (01/07/2014)

• ‘Auto Play’ option was added to the ‘Control’ menu. 
  - Regardless of this setting, video files in the playlist are automatically played in succession but the ‘Watched’ video file isn’t automatically played. 
• Other minor things were improved.

Ver 1.4.1 (11/15/2013)

• 'Playlist' feature was improved.
  - It can be changed to 'Watched' or 'Unwatched' item.
  - The save and reuse of the final playback status was improved.
• Other minor things were improved.

Ver 1.4.0 (10/30/2013)

• It requires OS X 10.8 or later. 
• 'FFmpeg' libraries were updated. 
• ‘TP’, ‘TS’, ‘TRP’ types are supported.

Ver 1.3.5 (09/26/2013)

• 'F where' option was added in 'Preferences'. (Sandbox)
  - If this option is set, there are no restrictions by Sandbox when you open 'file' in this 'F where' folder and its subfolders.
  - But if you open 'folder', regardless of 'F where', there are no restrictions by Sandbox.
• Bug fixes.

Ver 1.3.4 (06/26/2013)

• 'QuickTime' mode was changed to 'Native' mode.
  - It doesn't support 'Perian'.
  - In 'Native' mode, 'H.264 Hardware Acceleration' option can't be changed. (automatic)
• Minor things were enhanced.

Ver 1.3.3 (03/26/2013)

• Fixed bugs related to the playlist. 
• Fixed bugs related to the video file that has the abnormal information about the running time.

Ver 1.3.2 (01/31/2013)

• Related to the opening of the 'BDMV' included folder
  - It could automatically open the same or similar named subtitles file with this folder.
  - 'Playlist' was enhanced.
• Improved compatibility related to subtitles.

Ver 1.3.1 (10/05/2012)

• Fixed bugs that bottom pixels are missing up when playing some video in FFmpeg mode. 
• Enable to open multiple files and folders. (Sandbox related) 
  - If you open video 'files' that not exist in the following folder and its subfolders (~/Downloads, ~/Movies, ~/Music), 
  - you should manually open subtitle files with same name as the video file, 
  - it doesn't support subtitle files with similar name as the video file, 
  - it doesn't support the feature that the playlist is automatically made up. 
• Enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.3.0 (09/10/2012)

• Require OS X 10.7.3 or later.
• 'm2ts' type support.
  - Also, m2ts files that are contained in 'BDMV' will be automatically added to the playlist when you open the folder that contains 'BDMV'.
• Improved features about seeking in FFmpeg decoding mode.
• Improved features about subtitle.
  - If there are no subtitle files with the same or similar name as the video file in the same folder, they will be also searched in the following folder. (~/Movies/KPlayer)
  - Fixed bugs about the font tag with a blank color value.
• Each of decoding modes separately have 'H.264 Hardware Acceleration' settings.
• Updated FFmpeg library.
• Enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.2.10 (08/15/2012)

• This is the last update for the OS X 10.6.x user.
• Bugs about changing the decoding mode is fixed.
• Enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.2.9 (07/31/2012)

• Sandbox was adopted.
  - If OS X 10.7 or later,
  - You can select only a folder in the 'open' dialog box.
  - In order to be compatible with OS X 10.6.x, currently, the 'continued playing' feature only works when you recently opened a file or folder in the following folder or its subfolders: ~/Downloads, ~/Movies.
• Improved features about 'playlists'.
  - Automatically saved and reused folder-playlists. (up to 100 folder-playlists)
  - Separately, automatically saved and reused file-playlist. (the most recent, only one file-playlist)
  - Automatically saved and reused final playback position for each file in the playlist.
• More optimized 'QuickTime' mode and 'FFmpeg' mode.
• Improved features about positioning a window in the dual monitor.
• Added the feature that the playback window is always in front.
• Added the feature to change the default color of the subtitle. (but not allowed specify color)
• If there are no subtitle files with the same name as the video file, it opens subtitle files with a similar name as this. (automatic)
• Added some new text encodings. (ISO *)
• Changed to move video files that were playing to the end and its subtitle files to Trash about features related 'Move to Trash'. 
• Enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.2.8 (02/21/2012)

• improved features about the 'Playlist', 'FFmpeg mode'.
• enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.2.7 (02/02/2012)

• added 'Decoding' mode('QuickTime' or 'FFmpeg').
• removed 'Save as QuickTime Movie'.
• enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.2.6 (10/28/2011)

• improved features about the 'Subtitle', 'Text Encoding', 'Playback Speed', 'Skip'. 
• enhanced other minor things.

Ver 1.2.5 (08/29/2011)

• 'Skip' support. 
• fixed the bug about opening a video file using the dragging to icon or the mouse's right button on the Finder. 
• improved the user interface.

Ver 1.2.4 (07/14/2011)

• improved the compatibility of the tag(ruby, comment) in subtitles. 
• sorted the play-list like the finder-sorting. 
• ready to Mac OS X 10.7.

Ver 1.2.3 (04/22/2011)

• Improve features about parsing SRT file. 
• Optimize features about parsing class tag in SMI file and ruby tag in subtitles. 
• Optimize features about opening a video file. 
• It is possible to setting the asynchronous opening option. 
• It is possible to open the saved movie file after saving as QuickTime movie file. 
• Improve User Interface.

Ver 1.2.2 (03/17/2011)

• It is possible to open the directory. 
• Improve features about playing MKV files. 
• Improve features about SRT subtitles. 
• Improve user interface.

Ver 1.2.1 (03/01/2011)

• Fix an error about the file's extension.
• 32-bit mode is added.

Ver 1.2.0 (02/18/2011)

• Playback speed settings support.
• Continued playing support.
• Move to Trash support.
• Save as QuickTime Movie support.
• Ruby tag for subtitles support.
• User settings about Text Encoding for subtitles support.
• Improve features about displaying of subtitles, currently playing time.
• The changed 'H.264 Hardware Acceleration' settings is applied immediately.
• Improve user interface.

Ver 1.1.0 (01/26/2011)

• Improve user interface.
• Improve features about the playback of MKV, AVI.
• Fix an error in the FPS calculation.

Ver 1.0.0 (01/06/2011)

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